m2 Touring

Euro s14 2.3. Currently in standard tune with about 200bhp.
Getrag 265 euro close ratio 5 speed with dog leg first.
Custom 2 piece exhaust manifold.
2 1/2 inch exhaust system with turbo spec silencers.
Custom alloy rad with Kenlowe electric fan.
Oil cooler.
M3 drive shaft.
E21 3.45:1 25 percent limited slip differential.


Front: E12 calipers with vented e21 disks.
Rear: Ireland Engineering disk kit.
E12 master cylinder.
E12 twin RHD servos.
Braided hoses throughout.


Front: Coil overs on Tii struts with 250lb springs.
Adjustable camber plates.
Ireland Engineering 22mm hollow anti-roll bar (with a shorter lever arm and different mounting points this light weight bar has the stiffness of a 25mm solid bar)
Alloy strut brace.
Rear: Powder coated sub-frame with adjustable inner trailing arm mounts to dial out any negative camber caused from lowering.
Tii style boxed trailing arms with additional cross brace. I also had the spring perch removed, anti roll bar mount stiffened and the coilover suspension mount reinforced.
Ireland Engineering 22mm adjustable anti roll bar.
Bilstein coilover suspension with 200lb springs.
Urethane bushing throughout.


e21 rack and pinion conversion (for clearance with the manifold - this is RHD remember - as much as for more precise steering).


Scheel seats from a CSL.
SPA digital speedo custom mounted in the centre of the original mechanical speedo.


Carbon fibre bonnet - less than half the weight.
Home made Mint Grun spray job - could do with a re-paint, but it's long way down the list of priorities.

e30 15" cross spokes
Currently running 195x50 Goodyears.

© 2007 Nick Vyse.